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The face behind the book

Joy Kirk
Do you really know me? The fact is, technology has allowed us to become familiar strangers. Let me explain that a little more. If you were to take my FB posts and describe who I am - you would only be able to describe maybe 10%.

Want to feel better? Try this

Kim Sirek
Kim shares her story of dealing with mental illness and one of the key factors in helping her overcome. Whether you suffer from ‘down days’ to major depression, what she shares is a valuable tool to implement. In fact, it’s something we could all benefit from doing more often whether we’re sick or not…

Depressed? Help fight depression using these techniques

Demelza Marie
Depression is probably one of the worst symptoms a person can experience because it colours everything with a negative tone so that you have a hard time seeing what is good.  Without depression, you can be creative in coming up with alternative solutions to problems and you have the drive to do so  because you can see the good that will come out of it.