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The two-part recipe for weight loss and improved health


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Over 100 lbs lost while eating more!  That’s our story and I believe it’s possible for you to also lose weight and benefit from other health improvements even if you can’t exercise and all the while still enjoy your food…


The two-part recipe for weight loss and improved health


Our Story

Two years ago my husband and I went for a walk.  There is nothing special about that except that we had not gone far on level ground before we both felt the need to sit down.  Our joints hurt and our backs were aching.  We had both put on weight and needed to lose it for the sake of our health and to be able to enjoy life.

Two of our daughters had been following the Trim Healthy Mamma (THM) plan for health benefits more than for losing weight, so we decided to give it a go.  We already had the first big book and I started reading it.  I felt totally overwhelmed by the book and couldn’t wait to get past the theory and get to the recipes.   Then I discovered all the special food that I thought I would need to buy.  Did I really HAVE to give up sugar?  Actually this was more of a struggle for my sweet-toothed husband.  For me it was the thought of giving up potatoes – I LOVE potatoes in any shape or form.  Many years ago I had been diagnosed as intolerant to potatoes but….. hmmm well !! giving them up was not an option – or was it?  Were they really poisoning me?

We didn’t dive straight in – but gradually changed over to the healthy alternatives as and when we could afford to do so.  Within a month I had given away all my refined flours and all my sugars (and there were no potatoes in the pantry!).  I was experimenting with all the new recipes from the book as well as ones  I found on Pinterest.

Note: The costs don’t need to be much more than you may already spend but you will need to substitute some common ingredients which can make the initial start-up seem expensive.  However, you’ll also want to remember that you won’t be buying certain items you used to buy so the cost difference may not be as much as it seems at face value and it’s been worth it for us and our girls.

Initially we had headaches and muscle cramps as our bodies detoxed.  However, that didn’t last long and the inches began to drop off, along with the pounds.  We were advised to measure at the beginning and then to re-measure each month – it was genuinely amazing.  Sometimes the scales didn’t move but the inches still did – the biggest ‘problem’ was needing new clothes!  A nice problem to have!

Now, two years on, THM has become a way of life.  We are not hungry as we are actually eating more and feeling more healthy than we have in years.  Between us we lost 100 lbs in the first eighteen months.  Now walking is no longer a problem, we are running!


You can do this too…

So why am I sharing this with you?  For any with excess inches – this is a healthy way to lose weight and you don’t need to be able to do exercise.  Many others have witnessed that they have found they have been able to stop taking medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, pain meds, and more (under the advice of the doctors), as their bodies have healed themselves by having good ‘fuel’.


The two-part recipe

The basic premise is to eat plenty of protein – protein with everything.  It is not a low carb or a low fat diet.

It is

Protein and Carbs


Protein and Fats

By eating carbs and fats at the same time you are giving yourself two fuels and the body stores one.  The other guidance is not to eat anything while your body is processing what you have already given it.  So, don’t eat more often than every three hours.  There’s a lot more to it than that and the authors go into detail as to why it works and it makes a lot of sense.



We eat well but how did I get on with giving up potatoes?  Thankfully, there is a great substitute with mashed cauliflower or fried radishes.  The THM book (and Pinterest) is full of great substitutes.  There are many desserts that are easy to make – all healthy.  I would encourage you to try it for your health issues, even if you are a perfect weight, as many problems are due to poor food and drink choices.  (That’s not to say that all your health issues are diet related but it’s important not to forget the role that diet plays in your health).

My husband has a hiatus hernia, which was so bad that he was about to have surgery for it.  I have a digestive problem, which meant I was on meds every night to stop me feeling/being sick around 2am.   Not only has my husband not had to have the operation, but he is completely off his meds and I am off mine.

We have never felt so well – until we go out to dinner with friends and eat bread, potatoes, dessert, etc. etc.  – then we are both back on our meds.  We are not fanatical about it – if we go out, we try to keep to the protein and carbs or fats but we don’t expect our friends to cook special dishes for us.  You want to make your diet work for you so you may feel comfortable being a bit more relaxed, as we are, or you may find that the symptoms you experience are worth being more strict.

During the first year that we were doing THM we were touring Europe in a caravan – so, if I can cope with doing the cooking in a tiny caravan kitchen, I feel sure that you will be able to do a great job in a ‘proper’ kitchen with a ‘proper’ cooker, even if you have low energy.  A freezer is a great help, as you can cook up big batches of food on ‘good days’ and freeze them in single portions so you can grab one when you don’t feel well enough to go through all the preparation.  One of my daughters can’t cook as she is too disabled but she gets her carers to cook up batches for her and she can get portions out of the fridge and put them in the microwave.

I want to make it clear that I have no connection with the authors and get no benefit for sharing this – it is just a testimony of something that has changed our lives.  There are now two books – one on the theory and one with recipes.

I encourage you to look into the THM lifestyle by visiting their website and facebook page.  While it may seem daunting at first, the health benefits and weight loss/maintenance ability is well worth considering whether it’s something you can incorporate into your lifestyle.  If you have been doing the THM lifestyle, what benefits have you found that you can share with others considering it?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Anne Harvey Anne Harvey has 5 girls, 4 of whom have suffered with illness to varying degrees since childhood. She has dealt with the challenges of doctors not believing her or her children while fighting ceaselessly to get answers and treatment to help them feel better. She enjoys writing, art, travel, and serving God wherever she and her husband are located. They currently live in a 5th wheel and go where they believe the Lord wants them to serve.


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