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Here’s the perfect solution if you don’t want to be held back


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Here's the perfect solution if you don't want to be held back

There are times when it’s good to admit that you can’t do something.  Coming to terms with your illness or disability is hard and accepting new limitations, rather than living in denial, is an important part of the process.

However, just because you can’t do something the way you used to do it, doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t do it at all.

In fact, having an “I can” attitude and being able to do things despite your illness and disability helps in several ways…

  • A positive outlook despite your difficulties not only uplifts your own spirit but blesses those around you
  • Your determination to do something despite the additional hurdles is inspiring to those who take for granted their abilities
  • Your courage to keep going reveals the strength you have to do what doesn’t come easy
  • You can be proud of even basic achievements knowing that you had to work harder (and maybe more creatively) than most to reach your goals (just be mindful you don’t look down on others!)

Please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying – I’m not saying that you just need to have a positive attitude and then you’ll be able to do things – that it’s ‘all in your head’.  For some, it doesn’t matter how positive your attitude is, you just can’t work in regular employment anymore or cook a meal or whatever it may be.

However, dwelling on what you can’t do is just going to get you down and you’ll feel stuck, hopeless, useless, or many other negative emotions.

While others may not understand what it is you go through each day to accomplish activities that they take for granted, an “I can” attitude will lift your spirits and enable you to do way more than you would if you stick with an “I can’t” attitude.

Whether it’s others telling you that you can’t do something or your own inner voice lamenting, prove them and yourself wrong by courageously moving forward with an attitude of making the most of what you CAN do – whether that is becoming a world-class athlete as we’re seeing on the Paralympics or, as would be the case for most of us, something much more basic!

Remember, it’s not a comparison game so don’t compare yourself to others and what they can do.  You are unique and have God-given gifts, talents and personality.  Use them to them to the best of YOUR ability. Remove the word “can’t” from your vocabulary and look for things and ways you “can”.

Here are a couple of videos to inspire you…




Demelza Marie Demelza is the founder of this website and suffers from health conditions herself. As a result, she wanted to create a place where fellow sufferers could share ideas, tips, inspiration, fun, and more in a safe and friendly environment. Her hope is that this website is a small refuge in what can be a challenging life with chronic illness or disabilities. She is artistic and enjoys connecting with people. She is also passionate about God and biblical discipleship.


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