Home Inspiration How to get through bad pain days… even if it seems impossible!

How to get through bad pain days… even if it seems impossible!


How to get through bad pain days... even if it seems impossible!

You wake up in pain, you move through the day with difficulty and go back to bed at the end of the day trying to find a position where you can be comfortable enough to succumb to the relief of sleep.

Pain is a constant companion for many with chronic illness and disability.  Sometimes it’s in the background and you learn to live with it and get on with what you can do despite the pain.  Other times it can be torture and you don’t know where to put yourself.

The added frustration with pain is that no one can see it to have any idea of what you’re going through.  So lack of sympathy or understanding can add additional emotional suffering.  On the outside, you look the same as always.  Maybe with extreme pain, you lose your colour and you can’t help but curl up just trying to get through it.  But most days, your pain is hidden.

On those days when you don’t know where to put yourself because of the pain or you’re just plain fed up with the ongoing nature of your pain, it’s important to remember where you can find peace and comfort.

Joni Eareckson Tada has been a quadriplegic for over 50 years and, in the brief video below, she shares how she recently dealt with a bad pain weekend.

Remember that we have a sovereign God who doesn’t waste our pain but uses it to draw us closer to Himself and to be more like Him.  Sometimes, when we’re in that place of pain, that’s not what we want – we want relief!  We want to be healed.  We want to be happy and to be able to do the things we want to do!

Just remember that we have Heaven to look forward to for all those things – we will be healed and find relief from all our suffering.  We will be forever happy with no sadness on the horizon and we’ll be capable of doing all the things God created us for and we will long to do – and all this will be in a perfect world in the presence of our Creator and God!

Sometimes we need to remember the ‘big picture’ when we feel overwhelmed by the suffering we experience now and, while we wait for Heaven, we can draw upon the comfort that God provides us as we draw close to Him who understands experientially what it means to suffer.

For I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.

Romans 8:18


Demelza Marie Demelza is the founder of this website and suffers from health conditions herself. As a result, she wanted to create a place where fellow sufferers could share ideas, tips, inspiration, fun, and more in a safe and friendly environment. Her hope is that this website is a small refuge in what can be a challenging life with chronic illness or disabilities. She is artistic and enjoys connecting with people. She is also passionate about God and biblical discipleship.


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