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Joy is a Bible Believing, Christian wife and mother of two gorgeous children - a boy (7) and a girl (4). She is also a paramedic and she loves her job where she gets to help people at a time when they're in great need. Along with her job and looking after her family, she deals with chronic illness in the form of MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome) as well as another underlying condition that's still under investigation. She blogs at http://www.savouringthemomentdaily.com/. Fun Facts - Joy loves cookie dough and reading - especially by a wood burning fire place with some hot chocolate.

The face behind the book

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Do you really know me? The fact is, technology has allowed us to become familiar strangers. Let me explain that a little more. If you were to take my FB posts and describe who I am - you would only be able to describe maybe 10%.

What can I do to help my friend going through a difficult time?

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About 2 months ago, I started going to a medical center approx. 3hrs from where I live for medical treatment.  To start with, I would travel down twice a week on my days off from work.  A typical two weeks would consist of two days of work followed by two days of treatments, three days […]