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Sarita has had health issues from the age of 6 months and in January 1988 became seriously ill with what was later diagnosed as 'severe M.E.' She spent from 17-21 bedridden, was blessed with significant improvement with high dose antibiotics for 9 years before a further collapse aged 30. Since then, her condition has been gradually deteriorating and humanly speaking the prognosis is not good. However, she has benefited from studying biblical counselling (discipleship) as well as blessing others through her discipleship/counselling ministry which she does from her bed. She has found contentment in God despite her circumstances and she seeks to help others find contentment in their suffering also. She enjoys music, writing songs, arts and crafts and travelling when she can. You can follow her blog with brief devotionals at: https://choosing2praise.wordpress.com/

The secret purpose of pain

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Have you ever wondered about the purpose of pain - especially the kind of pain that seems senseless? We can embrace pain when we know there's a good purpose, such as birthing a baby, because something good is going to come from that pain. But what if nothing good seems to come from it?