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Anne Harvey has 5 girls, 4 of whom have suffered with illness to varying degrees since childhood. She has dealt with the challenges of doctors not believing her or her children while fighting ceaselessly to get answers and treatment to help them feel better. She enjoys writing, art, travel, and serving God wherever she and her husband are located. They currently live in a 5th wheel and go where they believe the Lord wants them to serve.

The two-part recipe for weight loss and improved health

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Over 100 lbs lost while eating more! That's our story and I believe it's possible for you to also lose weight and benefit from other health improvements even if you can't exercise and all the while still enjoy your food...

15 ways to support a parent carer

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There are very few things that are worse than seeing your child, whatever their age, suffering. Four of my daughters have chronic illnesses in varying degrees from being able to live a fairly normal life right through to being totally disabled and in constant pain. As a parent you would rather swap places and be the one suffering instead but that’s not possible.